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Undoubtedly, using a wood fire makes for the best braai. Braai wood brings out the flavour of our meat much better than gas or charcoal.
Heavy, dense hardwoods such as kameeldoring, mopane, sekelbos or rooikrans are regarded as the best types as they form long lasting coals within 45mins – 1hour upon which we can cook for hours. Light woods do not produce coals.

Rooikraans will produce coals for around 1 hour on which to cook. Kameeldoring (often referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of braai wood) and mopane coals can be cooked on for many hours so once you’ve finished with the cooking, there’s plenty of time to hang out around the fire.

The Sekelbos tree is a spiny deciduous tree that grows to 3.5m in height in hot climates. The dead fallen branches dry naturally in the hot desert sun making this dense hard wood the perfect fuel for braai’s and fireplaces. This wood often used for outside cooking for example, potjies and grilling, and the sweet smelling smoke adds additional flavours to the cooking meat. Logs have brown/orange core, and a creamy yellow ring before the bark.