Choosing the correct wood for your fire place, wood burning heater, pizza oven or braai.

Indoor Open Fire Places

We supply wood in all sorts of sizes so, no matter how large or small your fireplace opening, pizza oven or wood burning heater, we can provide pieces to suit. 

Blue Gum is a very hard wood from the Eucolyptus family, amazingly long lasting but can take slightly longer to light. You can expect to enjoy 5 hours using around 12-15 pieces. 

Black Wattle is a slightly softer wood and easier to light and thus, is an excellent hot burning firewood that was traditionally prized for wood fired bakers ovens. It also lends itself to quick braaiing as it creates wonderful coals instead of using bagged charcoal/briquettes.

Wood Burning Heaters/Stoves & Enclosed Glass Fronted Units

Glass fronted heaters such as Morso, Italcotto, Jet Master, Heat Glo and the cast iron heating stoves (Franco Belge and Earth Fire Ceramic stoves) must be treated with the respect they deserve. Never use pine for example in one of the aforementioned as pine produces a resin which will clog up your flute pipe!

Black Wattle and Blue Gum can be used soley, safely and very economically and create a beautifully constant source of heat.

Pizza Ovens

Blue Gum is the most efficient and economical choice for your home or commercial pizza oven. Long lasting, resin free and providing a continuous heat for perfect pizzas every time.