Quality You Shouldn't Compromise On!

 2018-09-04 10:04 AM by
Quality You Shouldn't Compromise On!
Ever Heard the saying "what you put in is what you get out" ?
This phrase literally applies to every aspect of our life.
What you put into your fire place is what you get out.

What sort of fire unit do you have?
Is it an enclosed glass fronted unit/iron stove, pizza oven 
or an open fire place?
Do you know which wood to use and not to use? 

Wet wood will smoke up your house and blacken the screen
of your enclosed unit.

 Pine & Oak contains high levels of resin.Overtime, the resin sticks as an invisible film inside the flue and can become a serious fire hazard. We do not stock pine or oak for these reasons.

Kameeldoring is not recommended to be used soley on its own
in an enclosed unit. Much like pouring boiling hot water into a juice
glass, the extreme heat will crack the glass.

These simple mistakes could be costly!

2 bags @ R35 per bag is equivalent to 1 of our bags @ R57 per bag Incl VAT


Well Known Supermarket

Wet Wood

Non - exchangeable/refundable

Little to no product knowledge

You have to carry the wood to your car

You have to unpack & stack the wood

The Fire Man

DRY, Seasoned Wood 

DRY Guarantee

Free product advice given regarding the best wood for your open
or enclosed unit or pizza oven

Free Unpacking & Stacking Service

Free Delivery*

Delivery Date & Time to suit your busy schedule

Service with a smile