In an attempt to further limit any risk of the spread of Covid-19, The Fire Man Pty LTD has implemented the following precautions and procedures:


Contactless Delivery Service 

All of our delivery teams will wear masks and have medical grade sanitizer in each vehicle. Staff will sanitize hands before and after entering properties.

Staff will no longer physically greet clients or staff members with a handshake for example.

Please do not offer any of our delivery teams’ equipment (e.g. sweeping brush. dustpan etc.) or anything to drink or eat.

If any of your home occupants are displaying any cold/flu symptoms, we ask that you contact us to reschedule your delivery unless your log storage area is located outdoors, and we will be happy to deliver as usual...

If you are already in self-isolation following any recent travel, please call us to reschedule.  However, if your storage area is located outdoors, we are happy to deliver as usual.

If you will not personally be accepting the delivery, please pass on and explain this information to the household member who will be.


No signing of delivery notes

Photographs of the delivered stacked bags will be taken by a member of our delivery team and sent by WhatsApp to our office.  These photographs will now act as our delivery note and proof of delivery.



All firewood logs contain some amount of moisture in order to burn effectively and economically.  However, if left in an enclosed plastic bag for some time, the logs may sweat and even become mouldy.  Best recommended practice is to unpack the logs and stack in your chosen storage area.  If you choose to leave your log delivery in the bags and only use one or two bags at a time, please empty the logs into an outdoor area or a basket 24-48 hours prior to use, just in case any surface moisture is present. This is especially important during our rainy season where they may well have been exposed to some rain during packing or transportation.  Rain can never penetrate an already seasoned log, but moisture can sit on the outer surface (much like a raincoat after a walk in the rain) so will need to be allowed to let any surface moisture evaporate before burning.


Used Bag Collection

All of our bags are recyclable. They are of course yours to keep and re-use. Alternatively, once emptied, simply store them away and we will collect them from you at your next delivery.


In addition, we are encouraging greater awareness for all employees and teaching ways to avoid further transmission of this virus within communities.

We understand this will be a long and worrying time ahead, but please be assured of our commitment to keeping you warm and stocked up with firewood in a safe and minimal risk-free manner.